These are some projects are worked on:

  • read_wtm - Automatic profit mining switcher that uses whattomine for profit information. Written in Go.
  • daemon_inotify - Simple daemon that monitors a file/directory for filesystem events. Written in C.
  • knights_on_a_keypad - Simple interview question challenge asked by a colleague: Given a keypad and a starting number, how many different numbers can you find if you use chess knight movements to dial?. Written in Go.
  • client_server - Simple networking client/server program created for understanding networking and POSIX sockets. Written in C.
  • xv6 - a simple, Unix-like teaching operating system. Written in C
  • Solarized Gnome Terminal - Bash script that installs Solarized Theme in Gnome Terminal and changes between light and dark mode depending on the sunrise/sunset time of the given location, in both Gnome Terminal and Vim.
  • K & R Exercises - Solution to the exercises of the legendary book The C Programming Language by Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ricthie
  • Half Row LDPC Decoder with One Permutation Network - VHDL implementation of a Half-row Layered LDPC Decoder using one permutation Offset Matrix for standard IEEE 802.11ad. Written in VHDL.
  • Game of Life - A C implementation of John Conway’s famous Game of Life cellular automata
  • ARM Assembly tutorials - Tutorials and simple programs in ARM Assembly
  • Add Times - Python script for adding times in the format hours:minutes:seconds
  • Downloader - Python script for downloading all files of a given format from a given site
  • Accelerated C++ - Solution to exercises of the book Accelerated C++
  • Coursera Algorithms Part 1 Course - Coursera’s Algorithm Part 1 Programming Exercises. Written in Java
  • VHDL Book Exercises - Solution to exercises of the book Circuit Design and Simulation with VHDL

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