Notes from Lex Fridman and Chris Lattner interview Part 2 (Lex Fridman Podcast)

After watching the 2 hour+ interview of Chris Lattner in the Lex Fridman podcast I just knew I had to write down some of the gems I heard from Chris Lattner.

  • “Turns out if you ask a lot of dumb questions, you learn pretty quickly”

  • “In a way, types are like assertions which are checked at compile time”

  • “Just making a hello world, won’t get you get used to the language. Your mind needs time and practice. It’s the same as if you change diet, you need time for your metabolism to adapt”

  • “What I mean by messed up: very rarely used for good, often used for bugs”

  • “Being first principles where you’re coming from and what you’re trying to achieve”

  • “Fun things about learning programming languages: when you start doing them, you start learning new things. You have a new way of doing things and you’re forced to do them, and that forces you to explore. That puts you in learning mode and your mind kind of opens a little bit. And you start seeing things differently even the old things”

These are just some of the few nuggets of wisdoms and insights that I stuck with me after watching it. These long form conversations from Lex Fridman, are an awesome medium through which I learn form other people and I find it particularly engrossing since it allows more nuance in the dialogue.

I 1000% recommend this episode and the whole podcast itself, and will probably write down some more notes of future episodes.

Last modified on 2020-09-14

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